FAQs - Cleep


What do I need to get Cleep working? 

Cleep is a stand alone device, so you can use it without a smartphone to take photos and videos. You need a Smartphone (iOs/Android) to review your memories and synchronize your content with the bracelet. (Running with iOS 10 or later and Android 5.0 Lollipop or later).

How much does Cleep cost? 

Cleep is currently being offered at a special pre-order price of €199 for our early supporters, a 35% discount off the €312 MSRP.

What features are available?

Cleep allows easy capture of photos and 30 fps videos from your wrist with the 8MP camera. You can also track your activity thanks to the accelerometer and receive smart alert from your smartphone (call, message and reminders) through bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. Content is synced with your smartphone with the apposite app using WiFi connection.

How many different sizes do you offer?

Cleep is custom made for any wrist. The standard size is for 155-210 mm wrist and small size 125-170 mm wrist. Choose the Cleep size based on your wrist.

How can I charge Cleep? 

You can charge Cleep using the micro usb cable included in the Cleep’s package.

Is the Smartphone included with my purchase? 

No. Cleep is an extra accessory. It is a wearable bracelet with a Full-HD camera.

How much storage does Cleep have? 

Cleep has an 8GB internal memory. Photos and videos are synced with your smartphone through the apposite app connected via Wi-Fi.

When Cleep will be delivered? 

Cleep is currently in the pre-order phase on Kickstarter campaign and the units will begin delivering in December 2017.

Which apps are compatible with Cleep?

Cleep has its own app where you can review you videos and photos. Once you have synced Cleep with smartphone through the app you can review your pictures or videos on your smartphone and share them on many different social network such are Instagram,Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.